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Full Automatic Instant Ginger Tea Production Line

Full Automatic Ginger Powder Production Line is used to make ginger powder or turmeric powder. It includes ginger washing peeling machine, ginger selecting conveyor, , ginger slic ...
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Full Automatic Ginger Powder Production Line is used to make ginger powder or turmeric powder. It includes ginger washing peeling machine, ginger selecting conveyor, , ginger slicing machine, ginger hot blanching machine, ginger slice drying machine, ginger powder crushing machine and ginger powder packing machine.



1. Ginger Air Bubble Washing Machine


Automatic Ginger Water Washing Machine is used to wash the dirt attached on the surface of a ginger root by bubble washing. The whole machine is made up of stainless steel. Such a machine is not the standard equipment, we can customize according to customer requirement

2. Ginger Washing Peeling Machine


Full Automatic Screw Feeding Ginger Washing Peeling Machine is used to wash and peel ginger.  It is a special design with a screw feeding structure, which makes it realize full automatic working. Full Automatic Screw Feeding Ginger Washing Peeling Machine can be used for cleaning, washing and peeling the stem, root vegetables and fruits, such as potatoes, carrot, sweet potato, ginger, radish, taro, kiwi fruit, cassava root-stock materials, Areca Seed, Betelnuttetc. Machine design is reasonable and easy to keep clean.

3. Ginger Quality Selecting Conveyor


4. Ginger Slicing Cutting Machine


Automatic Ginger Slicing Cutting Machine is used to cut ginger into the slice. It can get a smooth surface ginger slice.  You can get different cutting size by changing the correspondent cutting blades. The smallest cutting size that our machine can reach is slices with 1.5mm, and strips with 1.5*1.5mm. This slicing machine can also be used for bamboo shoot, small mushroom, garlic, radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lotus roots, taro etc.  This auto ginger slicing machine adopts high-quality stainless steel made and it is easy to operate and convenient to clean, now it is widely used in different kinds of food processing industries.

5. Ginger Automatic Drying Machine


Full Automatic Multi-Layer Ginger Slice Dryer Machine is used to dryer ginger slice in full automatic method. It adopt multi-layer feeding mesh belt to transport ginger slice in the dryer machine.  The hot air blow from the top and wet is discharge from the wet discharge port.  It can be used for different vegetables include ginger, garlic, onion, vegetable etc.


6. Super Fine Ginger Powder Grinder Machine


Super Fine Ginger Tea Powder Grinder Machine is used to crush dry ginger slice to a super fine powder that can get 400mesh ginger powder. It adopts continuous material feeding and continuous powder discharge. Super Fine Ginger Powder Crushing Plant with Dust Collector is suitable for many different types of material powder making, such as spices and grains of Turmeric Powder, Chili Powder, Pepper Powder, Wheat flour, Rice Powder, etc.

Specification of Super Fine Ginger Powder Grinder

Capacity (kg)50-20080-300100-800200-1200500-1500
Feed Size (mm)<10<10<15<18<20
Output Size (mesh)80-45080-45080-45080-45080-450
Motor power (kw)13.517.54684.15100.4
Spindle speed (rpm)60004800380028002400
Weight (kg)13001700230032003800

7. Ginger Powder and Honey Mixer Machine


Stainless Steel Ginger Powder Ribbon Blending Machine is used to mix the ginger powder with sugar or honey. The sugar or honey is dissolved in the water and mixed with ginger powder. After mixing, we get some ginger powder with taste good and wet.

8. Instant Ginger Tea Granulator Machine


Instant Ginger Tea Granulator Machine is used to form the instant ginger tea granule from mixed wet ginger powder and honey material.  This is one special machine for making wet powder pass through sieve screen and squeezes it into particles, under the reaction of clockwise and counterclockwise rotating of the cylinder. In addition, it can squeeze the agglomeration powder into particles in the required size.

The machine can be widely used for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, solid drink and related industries, such as making capsule powder, Chinese herbal granule and instant granules. The place of device contacting with raw material is made of stainless steel fully, it’s featured as beautiful appearance and easy to clean and simple operation and low energy consumption.

Working Video of Swing Type Instant Ginger Tea Granules Machine

9. Ginger Tea Granule Fluid Bed Dryer Machine


Vibrating Fluid Bed Ginger Tea Granule Drying Machine is used to dry instant ginger tea granule, It adopts a fluidized bed where the mechanical vibration enhances the performance of fluidization. After wet ginger granule material is evenly fed onto the fluid bed (normally a perforated plate) via the feeding hopper, the strong vibration of the dryer body fluidizes the wet material which moves towards the discharging vent. At the same time, hot air is evenly distributed into the drying chamber and flows through the perforated plate. Moisture is rapidly evaporated with complete contact and heat transfer between hot air and well fluidized wet material. Exhaust fan sucks out the evaporated moisture. The drying process is continuous and cooling air can be introduced to cool the product to the required temperature. This vibration fluid bed dryer has been widely used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry for drying/cooling powder and granule (0.05-5mm) products with surface water.

10. Automatic Instant Ginger Tea Sterilizer and Dryer Machine


Automatic Ginger Powder Microwave Sterilizer Machine is used to dry and sterilize ginger powder and ginger flakes. This Microwave Sterilizer Machine is also used for teas, herbs, flowers, green leaves, such as wild chrysanthemum flower, broadleaf holly leaf, olive leaf, lotus leaf, honeysuckle, green tea, black tea, puer tea and so on.  Microwave Sterilizer adopts Low-temperature sterilization processes in which the temperature is between 55~75 °C and keep the original nutrition, color and taste.

Working Principle of Ginger Powder Microwave Sterilizer

The Microwave Sterilization is the result of the role of the microwave thermal effects and biological effects. Affect the membrane around the electron and ion concentration microwave distribution of the cross-section of potential bacterial membrane permeability of the cell membrane, thus changing the energy, bacteria, therefore malnutrition can not be normal metabolism, growth and development hampered by death. From a biochemical perspective, the normal growth and reproduction of bacteria nucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is closely connected to the curl macromolecules by the number of hydrogen bonds, microwave cause hydrogen bonds the slack, breaking and reorganization, and induce genetic gene or chromosomal aberrations, or even broken. Microwave Sterilization is the use of the electromagnetic field effects and biological effects play a role in the killing of microorganisms. The practice has proved that using microwave devices to maintain the sterilization temperature, sterilization time, product quality, product shelf-life and energy-saving aspects have a clear advantage.

Features of Ginger Microwave Sterilization Machine

  1. Tunnel-type Microwave Sterilization is made of high-quality 304# stainless steel. Fully meet with medicine machinery requirements.
  2. Low-temperature drying and sterilization, which can keep original flavor and good color sense.
  3. Penetration: Tunnel-type Microwave Sterilization adopts radiation way to transfer energy and it heats wholly without any medium.
  4. Heating evenly: microwave heating is in and outside of the material at the same time, the temperature difference is very small in and outside of the material. So it is more evenly when drying materials, and the heating efficiency is greatly increased.
  5. Quickly and saving energy.

Structure of Ginger Powder Microwave Sterilizer


11. Automatic Ginger Tea Granule Vibrate Screen


Square Shape Ginger Tea Granule Vibrating Screen is widely used for grading the dry ginger tea granule and powder. This rectangular linear ginger tea vibrating screen sieve is driven by two vibration motors that produce a horizontal and linear tumbling vibration motion once the centrifugal discs are correctly adjusted, causing the material being screened to move from the feed end to discharge end. In addition, the vibratory motion can be easily adjusted in order to adjust the screening quality and throughput as required for the application at hand. This rectangular linear vibrating screen sieve is specially designed for sieving or separating bulk materials with fine, medium or coarse particle sizes in food, chemical, or pharmaceutical industry. They are also perfect for use in wet screening applications.

Working Video of Full Automatic Ginger Powder Production Line

1). Get Dried Ginger Slice

2). Get Ginger Powder

3) Make Instant Ginger Tea from Ginger Powder

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of the ginger processing machines.  Romiter Machinery wins a wide reputation for ginger processing machines with high efficiency, excellent reliability, easy maintenance and long lifespan. Romiter has an excellent technical support team, including highly experienced machinists and service technicians.

Romiter Group provides a complete ginger processing machine solution, which includes but is not limited to Ginger Earth Removing Machine, Ginger Breaking MachineGinger Washing Peeling Machine, Ginger Slicing Machine, Ginger Dryer Oven, Ginger Multi-Layer Dryer, Ginger Powder Making Machine, Ginger Juicer Machine, Ginger Mesh Bag Packing Machine and Ginger Oil Machine

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