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Automatic No Fiber Instant Ginger Tea Production Line

Automatic No Fiber Instant Ginger Tea Production Line is used to make ginger tea without any fiber. Such Type Instant Ginger Tea is easy solution and no fiber inside.  This No fib ...
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Automatic No Fiber Instant Ginger Tea Production Line is used to make ginger tea without any fiber. Such Type Instant Ginger Tea is easy solution and no fiber inside.  This No fiber instant ginger tea line mainly include ginger washing peeling machine, ginger crusher machine,  ginger juice extractor machine(remove fiber and get ginger juice),  ginger juice evaporation machine,  ginger juice spray powder dryer machine, ginger powder and honey mixer machine, ginger tea granulator machine, ginger tea fluidized bed dryer machine and vibrate ginger tea instant screen machine.

1. Ginger Washing Peeling Machine

According to customer different capacity requirements, we have many different types of ginger washing peeling machines to meet customer requirements. mainly include drum type and brush type. Because of ginger have many gap between the finger, which make it is hard to clean. so we recommend to break ginger to small pieces first.




2. Ginger Juice Extracting Machine


Double Screw Type Ginger Juice Presser Machine is designed for squeezing juice from ginger and other fruits with high fiber content. The ginger fiber is removed and we get the final ginger juice which is very clean. (if we still worry some fiber mixed in the juice), we can also get one screen to remove the fiber again, which make sure the ginger juice without any fiber.



Working Video of Ginger Juicer Machine

3. Ginger Juice Evaporation Machine

Ginger Juice Evaporation Machine is used to condensation ginger juice, which make the ginger juice content more ginger and easy for following spray powder dryer.



Working Video of Ginger Juice Vacuum Concentration Machine

4. Ginger Juice Powder Spray Dryer Oven


Automatic Ginger Powder Spray Dryer Machine is used to dry ginger juice to powder.  This Spray Drying Machine it is suitable for producing ginger powder from ginger juice liquid. These powder are very small size and suitable for instant ginger tea.  Now, Ginger Powder Spray Dryer Machine is widely used in foodstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical industrial, such as ginger powder, banana powder, tomato powder,  egg powder, amino acid product, protein, blood, food flavor, food ingredients, pectin, carrageenan, spirulina, herbal extraction, pigment, cocoa, mushroom, PAC, malt dextrin, collagen, juice, yeast, Coffee, Creamer, coconut, milk, gelatin, gum and acacia, etc.

5. Ginger Powder and Honey Mixer Machine


High-Speed Vertical Ginger Powder and Honey Sugar Liquid Mixer Machine are used to mixing the ginger powder with honey sugar liquid. These mixed ginger powder can be used for following the ginger tea granulator machine. It can fast mixing of wet powders or powders with liquid to reach very high homogeneity. This vertical powder mixer machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, light and agricultural industries for small scale fast mixing with very high homogeneity. This design can carry out even mixing of powders or slurry materials with different proportion so that the mixed materials can reach their best effectiveness.

Working Video of Vertical Ginger Powder and Honey Mixer

6. Instant Ginger Tea Granulator Machine


Rotary Type Ginger Tea Granulator Machine is used to make wet instant ginger tea granule from mixed ginger powder and honey liquid. this wet powder granulator mainly includes the drive motor, feeding hopper, extrusion blades, screen and discharging chute. Wet mass is gravity fed into the granulator and wiped through the perforated screen by extrusion blades to get require-sized cylindrical extrudates. Finished granules are discharged into the barrel via the chute. The gap between blade and screen is adjustable. The wet ginger powder material pressing knife and the helical knife rotate in the opposite direction. Material pressing knife pushed raw material down and the helical knife pushes them to the wall of sieve. Ginger Tea Granules are extruded out and get collected. This Ginger Tea Granulator Machine is most often used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries for making granules with wet mass before spheronization.

Working Video of Rotary Ginger Granulator Machine

7. Ginger Tea Granule Fluid Bed Dryer Machine


Vibrating Fluid Bed Ginger Tea Granule Drying Machine is used to dry instant ginger tea granule, It adopts a fluidized bed where the mechanical vibration enhances the performance of fluidization. After wet ginger granule material is evenly fed onto the fluid bed (normally a perforated plate) via the feeding hopper, the strong vibration of the dryer body fluidizes the wet material which moves towards the discharging vent. At the same time, hot air is evenly distributed into the drying chamber and flows through the perforated plate. Moisture is rapidly evaporated with complete contact and heat transfer between hot air and well fluidized wet material. Exhaust fan sucks out the evaporated moisture. The drying process is continuous and cooling air can be introduced to cool the product to the required temperature. This vibration fluid bed dryer has been widely used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry for drying/cooling powder and granule (0.05-5mm) products with surface water.

11. Automatic Ginger Tea Granule Vibrate Screen


Square Shape Ginger Tea Granule Vibrating Screen is widely used for grading the dry ginger tea granule and powder. This rectangular linear ginger tea vibrating screen sieve is driven by two vibration motors that produce a horizontal and linear tumbling vibration motion once the centrifugal discs are correctly adjusted, causing the material being screened to move from the feed end to the discharge end. In addition, the vibratory motion can be easily adjusted in order to adjust the screening quality and throughput as required for the application at hand. This rectangular linear vibrating screen sieve is specially designed for sieving or separating bulk materials with fine, medium or coarse particle sizes in food, chemical, or pharmaceutical industry. They are also perfect for use in wet screening applications.

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of the ginger processing machines.  Romiter Machinery wins a wide reputation for ginger processing machines with high efficiency, excellent reliability, easy maintenance and long lifespan. Romiter has an excellent technical support team, including highly experienced machinists and service technicians.

Romiter Group provides a complete ginger processing machine solution, which includes but is not limited to Ginger Earth Removing Machine, Ginger Breaking MachineGinger Washing Peeling Machine, Ginger Slicing Machine, Ginger Dryer Oven, Ginger Multi-Layer Dryer, Ginger Powder Making Machine, Ginger Juicer Machine, Ginger Mesh Bag Packing Machine and Ginger Oil Machine

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