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How to Make Ginger Oil and Benefits of Ginger Oil


How to Make Ginger Oil

Ginger Oil is made from ginger steam distillation. When steam is passed through raw plant material (like ginger or lavender), causing the aromatic compounds in the plants to then vaporize. The oil-soluble components then get separated from the water-soluble ones, making essential oil. To yield enough of these aromatic oils, you’d need some pretty complex equipment — simply boiling ginger and adding another oil to it wouldn’t have the same effect.

What are the Benefits of Ginger Oil?

Recent studies on ginger have indicated it can help with inflammation — whether you eat it, drink it, or use it on the skin.

“There are certain inflammatory markers in the body such as TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-10,” Dr. Madan says. “When the body produces these, that’s what causes inflammation, redness, and pain.”

Some initial studies on ginger have shown that it may alter these anti-inflammatory biomarkers — tiny compounds on a molecular level — and help lower them.

That said, don’t ditch the Advil just yet. Consult with your healthcare provider first if you’re concerned about any pain or swelling. He or she may advise using ginger oil in conjunction with other remedies. “The effect wouldn’t be enough to fix all the pain that someone is having,” Dr. Madan says, “but it’s definitely a good treatment to add because it has been proven to decrease cytokines, the enzymes that cause inflammation.”

How can you use ginger oil?

Ginger oil is extracted from the ginger rhizome after a distillation process. Like other essential oils, it’s very concentrated. Ginger oil has a distinct aroma that can be described as strong, warm, or spicy. As such, it’s often used for aromatherapy. Ginger oil can also be used in a variety of applications in the skin and hair.

Ginger and ginger oil have also been used to help ease the following conditions:


Inhaling the aroma from ginger oil has been used as a way to relieve nausea. Study results looking into this use have been mixed.

One 2017 study trusted Source assessed the effectiveness of inhaling ginger oil to relieve postoperative nausea following abdominal surgery. Investigators found that participants that had inhaled ginger oil rated their levels of nausea and vomiting lower than those in the placebo group.

However, another study trusted Source found conflicting results. Investigators compared levels of postoperative nausea in children inhaling a blend of essential oils (which included ginger) or placebo. They found that there was no difference in nausea between children inhaling the essential oil blend and children inhaling placebo.

Hair applications

Ginger oil or extract is sometimes included in shampoos or other hair products, as it’s believed to promote hair health and growth. But, little research has been performed on whether this is actually the case.

A 2013 study trusted Source looked at the effect of 6-gingerol, an active ingredient in ginger oil, on hair growth in cultured cells and in mice. Instead of finding that 6-gingerol promoted hair growth, researchers actually found it suppressed hair growth, both in cultured hair follicles and in a mouse model.

Skin applications

More research is needed to explore and verify the benefit of topical use of ginger oil and its effect on things like inflammation and skin’s appearance.

A 2015 study trusted Source looked at the suitability of several essential oils, including ginger oil, for use in antiwrinkle cream. Ginger oil, along with other essential oils, was found to have high antioxidant activity.

When these essential oils were blended together in a cream, a reduction in skin roughness was seen in a small group of volunteers.

One study trusted Source in a rat model of arthritis assessed the effects of daily application of a blend of several essential oils applied to the skin. One of the included essential oils was ginger.

The researchers found that rats treated with the essential oil blend had lower arthritis severity and lower levels of inflammation.

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